• Stay quiet and stand still when a player is about to hit the ball and until the shot is finished.
    • "Hands in the air" means stop and be quiet while golfers are playing their shots.
    • Do not stand behind or in line with a golfer's lie or line to a pin.
    • Never cross fairways, except at designated crossover areas marked by signage.
    • If you are in a front row, kneel or sit down whenever possible to allow better viewing for those behind you.
    • For your own safety, follow the directions of the tournament marshals.


  • Spectators will be removed immediately without warning for:

    • Refusal to obey quiet signs or signals.
    • Distracting or embarrassing a player.
    • Making rude, vulgar or other inappropriate comments or gestures toward a player.
    • Booing or cheering at inappropriate times.


    Appropriate casual golf wear with comfortable walking shoes.
    Spectators should bring the following items:

    • Windbreaker
    • Hat/visor
    • Sunscreen
    • Sunglasses
    • Umbrella (Determine by the weather report)


    There will be accessible shuttle buses to and from the parking lots.
    There are accessible restrooms located throughout the golf course. Restrooms can be located using the course map.
    Cost: $10 per vehicle each day (cash only)

    Spectators are not allowed to bring any type of alcohol to the tournament grounds. Only beer and wine can be removed from any private or public hospitality area. Alcoholic beverages will not be sold to the public any later than one hour prior to the scheduled end of competition. Concession areas will close one hour after the end of competition. Please drink responsibly.


    • Please silence your mobile device.
    • Be respectful of play.
    • Phone usage only permitted near restroom facilities and concessions.
    • No video recording permitted at any time.
    • Violations will result in confiscation of your mobile device or removal from the tournament.


    All spectators will be checked by a metal detector prior to boarding shuttles from parking. For your convenience, leave all prohibited items in your vehicle.
    Prohibited items:
    • Video recorders
    • Professional cameras (no long range lenses) *
    • Backpacks, large purses or bags **
    • Alcoholic beverages
    • Outside food & beverage
    • Beverage containers or coolers
    • Weapons of any kind (regardless of permit)
    • Fireworks
    • Laser lights and pointers
    • Flags, signs or banners
    • Ladders/periscopes
    • Radios/TVs/tape recorders
    • Walkie talkies
    • Segways or skateboards
    • Beach balls or Frisbees
    • Noisemakers or horns
    • Pets/Animals (with the exception of Service Animals with proper documentation/tags)
    • Any other item deemed inappropriate


  • NOTE: *"Point and shoot" digital cameras are allowed all days of the tournament.
    ** Personal bags, belt bags and purses no larger than 10ā€ W x 5ā€ H x 5 Dā€ are allowed.

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